With the Covid-19 pandemic, the world research sector needs new breakthroughs to face a new normal era. As a society that give concern to this problem, Bandung Creative Society wants a young researcher and young scientist to participate in discovering a problem and solving it in the scientific method through research. One way to increase the young scientist participation its by held research competition for young scientist

International Research Competition for Young Scientist (IRCYS) 2021 is an international competition in the form of a confederation held in Bandung as the host city. This format is the second time it has been held in Indonesia. BCS as an organizer incorporated Indonesia Scientific Society who has experience in carrying out international events is believed to be able and ready to make IRCYS 2021 the largest conference format in Indonesia. Participants who take part in IRCYS 2021 will be faced with the challenge of presenting their research results in the form of presentations before the jury who have capabilities in their respective fields according to the categories that participants choose. 

The presentation was delivered in English which became an international language. the results of the presentation will be assessed and sorted to get the order of 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and honorable mention. The procedure for registation will be explained in the registration section on this guidebook.